Accom Swap Stats
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End of year comparison figures
Year Total credits spent by all members

Total value of credits spent by all members

*** see explanation below

Average value of credits spent per member Highest val of credits used by a member since joining Number of members for year
2018 39280 R31,398,040-00 R44,918-00 R568,800-00 606
2017 32849 R26,299,000-00 R41,877-00 R409,600-00 566
2016 25142 R20,115,400-00 R33,581-00 R398,240-00 527
2015 19185 R15,348,000-00 R34,637-00 R283,200-00 455
2014 14639 R11,558,100-00 R24,591-00 R220,000-00 427
2013 10373 R8,014,560-00 R19,173-00 R187,200-00 327
2012 5992 R4,025,920-00 R11,840-00 R111,300-00 298
2011 4955 R3,290,580-00 R10,156-00 R83,200-00 279
*** This is what members WOULD have had to spend if paying for their accommodation in a three star B&B
Here is just one of many comments received from a happy Accom Swap member
From: Suzette Niemand
Date: 7/29/2015 3:14:17 PM
Subject: Thumbs up for Accommodationswap

Hallo Mike
I think I did mention this previously. I am one of the members who accept
as many bookings as I have enquiries for, even in peak season, with the only
condition that I must have a room available when the enquiry is made. I
would never have been able to use all of my credits. However, I've been
making my points work for me. I deal with travel agencies a lot and in the
past I've always sent them a complimentary voucher for a weekend at Villa Le
View. Unfortunately the consultants cannot always afford to come to Durban.
I am now offering them a weekend close to where they are situated, thus
using Accommodation Swap points to book them for a weekend away. This way I
get back MUCH MORE in value than what I've "spent" by allowing swaps at my

I just want to say once again: Accommodation Swap is the best system I've
ever joined.
I have holiday club points and at one stage we had normal time
share. We even had a house in Marloth Park that we used for family
holidays. NONE of them gave me better value for money than Accommodation

Suzette Niemand