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enter your referance number ONLY NUMERIC
your email address is required
enter yes in the confirm payment block ONLY once payment has been made
enter number of credits required - that is 6
you must enter the approval code that was emailed you
Top Up credits application Form

PLEASE NOTE You must only submit this form ONCE YOU HAVE APPLIED, VIA EMAIL,FOR APPROVAL. If you don't do this the submission will be automatically rejected. Admin will assess whether you qualify or not and let you know.
In priciple your request will be approved PROVIDED:
1. there are no "strikes" against your establishment (that is, provided you have not rejected any swap request)
2. you have been a member for more than one year
3. You are open to accepting bookings for more than 9mths of the year

If approval has been granted you will be issued with an approval code to enter into the application form and you may go ahead and submit this form. After pressing "submit" note any error comments in red above and rectify before submitting again.

Before submitting this form you need to pay R600,00 into this account and submit proof of payment - NB AFTER you have received the approval code.

to send a confirmation email click on admin ADMIN

Absa bank
Acct number 9245203408
Bank code 632005
Acct holder MB Kieser

your establishment name
your Reference Number
Enter only whole numbers (e.g 123)
your first name
your last name
your Email address
date of request
confirm payment (enter yes ONLY in lower case) CasE sensiTivE only lower case
number of credits requested
(we only sell a bundle of 6 credits @ R600.00 )
Enter only the number 6 (e.g 6)
enter the approval code that was emailed you