When you have read through this page and you want to join, follow these steps:
  1. Make payment - click on "joining fees table"

  2. Click on "registration procedure"

You can be up and running within 8hrs.

Check out our stats and see for yourself the value you will get by being a member !


What prevents just anyone requesting accommodation who is not a legitimate member?

  • There are checks and balances built into the system. For example when a request is made you must immediately ask for their Reference Number and if you are uncertain as to their legitimacy then you will check with the administrators before accepting the swap.

Am I obligated to accept a swap request?

  • No You can accept or turn down a swap request as you see fit. We do however expect all members to accept requests as often as they can and particularly if they have open rooms available.Once you have accepted a swap it will be binding on both Host and Guest (see agreement and code of practice)

What happens if a member books with me but does not pitch?

  • Let us know and we will take disciplinary action against the wayward member. We will still credit your account as though the swap had taken place.

Can I allow others (friends or family) to utilize my credits?

  • Absolutely, the credits are yours to do with what you like
  • Only the registered owner is permitted to request bookings
    Please note that ALL BOOKINGS need to be made via the registered owner of the establishment.
  • Friends or family can not make a request on their own they need to work via the registered owner.
  • The registered owner takes full responsibility and will be held liable by the Host for any damages or claims of misconduct of friends or family they have sponsored.

Do I need to use all my credits at the same time or at one establishment?

  • No, you can book into a number of different places for how ever many days you choose.

Do I have to agree to accept "guests"for the full 12days?Isn't this too many? I am not able to take 12days leave of my business so why should I have to have others stay with me for that amount of days?

  • You can have "guests" for as many, or as few days, as you choose. If you choose to (say) have "guests" for only two days, then obviously once your initial starting package has been used you will only have accumulated two days "credits" (you can determine what your own level of participation will be and tailor your portfolio accordingly)

Do I need to "reciprocate" the owner/s of the establishments I stay in by having them in my establishment.

  • No, the person you stay with earns "credits" (days) which are then "banked" with the database for his/her use when ever they choose to use them. They can then choose to stay with any other fellow member (including you) at a time convenient and negotiated between themselves.

What happens if I wish to terminate my membership or sell/transfer my establishment? Do I get a refund on accumulated credits? And should I want to join again in a few years time, would I be given another 12days starting package?

  • You can terminate your membership at any stage
  • There are no refunds on credits- remember that there are no cash transactions.
  • There is no refund on your yearly subscription
  • If you sell your establishment and the new owner wants to join the scheme he/she will have to register as a new member.
  • If you sell your establishment or close it down and provided you have been a member for 2yrs or longer, have a credit balance in your account and keep your subscriptions paid up to date you can apply to the administrators to remain a member until such time that you have utilized all remaining credits. This concession shall NOT be applicable if you resign from Accommodation Swap for what ever reason.
  • Should you register again within two years after terminating your membership you will not be given another starting package - you would have to build up "credits" before being able to swap.

You said we would start with 12days credit. Once this is used and no-one has requested to stay at my establishment can I apply for another 12 credits?

  • The 12days credits awarded when first registering is to get new members started.Thereafter the system is based on a careful balance of spending and earning credits. The principle method of growing credits for all members is via hosting.
  • What happens if by no fault of yours you run out of credits? There are two ways you can recharge your credits:
  1. We have introduced a "bonus" system which allows members to earn five credits for every new member they bring on board. Every member can earn extra credits in this way - and
  2. If there is no "strike" against your establishment ( turning away a booking request when you could have accepted ) you are able to apply to Admin to purchase credits. Provided you have been a member for more than 1 year Admin will assess your account and advise you accordingly.

Can I accumulate more than 12days credit and then use them any time, perhaps years later?

  • Yes, provided you remain a fully paid up member. Should you resign your membership however for what ever reason you will lose all your credits

Is there a different credit charge between one and five star rated establishments?

We have had a good look at this and we believe that our method is the fairest for all types of category establishments.
  • The argument is if a one star owner stays at a four star establishment they should have to pay more credits than if they had stayed with an equivalent one star rated establishment.

    That might work, and would be fair, on a "one on one" swap bases (as clearly the one star owner is getting a far better deal than the three to five star owner) But this is not a one on one swap scheme.

  • The emphasis is not on WHO is swapping with you - that, really, is irrelevant. The reason for you accepting a swap is to accumulate "credits" to be utilized when swapping with whatever establishment you choose.It's all about how many credits YOU can accumulate so that you are able to stay where you want and at your choosing.

    We believe that a "proportionate" credit system would be an inhibiting factor which would impact negatively on the higher star establishments ability to earn "credits" Most owners would be reluctant to spend more credits on swapping with a higher rating establishment than themselves.This would mean that members would end up swapping, more or less, on a linear bases, to the detriment of all for earning maximum "credits"

As a host can I charge for cleaning and other services ?

  • No - the modus operandi of Accommodation Swap is based on a totally cash free stay except for breakfasts,other meals and other activities which can be negotiated between host and guest and paid for either by additional credits or cash.

Is there a different credit system for B&B's and Self Catering establishments?

  • No, this system is based on trading and swapping credits. It doesn't matter who stays at your establishment you still earn the same amount of credits, which you can then utilize to stay where ever YOU choose.Someone who owns a Bed & Breakfast might very well want to stay at a self-catering establishment and vice versa.
  • Inorder to "level the playing field" however, those who own establishments other than self-catering would not be expected to provide meals.(this does not mean that this could not be negotiated or paid for separately)
  • B&B establishments will have the option to accept credits in lieu of payment for breakfast. This option is not mandatory and can be negotiated at time of making a booking.
  • The unit for bartering shall be: 0.5 credits per person per night/day except if an individual uses the scheme he/she shall count as 1 credit.

    Please note that a separate swap form must be submitted for each room booked except if it is a self catering establishment defined as - if the entire unit is normally booked out as a whole.

    The unit for bartering shall be:

    Each person will count as half a credit except in the case where there is only one person using the scheme (in which case they will count as one credit) At the END of the stay the credits will be rounded off to the nearest, highest, whole number if you are a "host". If you are a "guest" the credits will be rounded off to the nearest lowest whole number. (both benefit - The maths is done automatically on submission of the swap form) Should two people require two separate rooms each person shall be regarded as one person on their own - see table below:

    • 1 person on their own in a separate room for 1 night = 1 credit
      2 persons in two separate rooms for 1 night = 2 credits
      2 persons in one room for 1 night (2x0.5) = 1 credit
      3 persons in one room for 1 night (3x0.5) = 1.5 credit (see what happens when the result is not a whole
      number in the example below)
      As a "host" you have three guests occupying ONE room and they stay for three nights:
      3 nights at 1.5credits per night = 4.5 credits - rounded off to 5 credits earned. (for host)
      As a "guest" in the above example it will be rounded off to 4 credits spent (for guest)

Do children under the age of 12yrs also count as 0.5 credits per day?

This is quite a difficult one to set a policy on as some establishments charge for kids and others don't. We have decided to give the benefit to both parties vis a vis:-

GUESTS - two adults plus two children under 12yrs of age your account will be debited for only two adults at 0.5 = 1 credit used.

HOSTS - same as above but the hosts receive 4 x 0.5 = 2 credits ( 4 adults charged)

In this way both parties benefit.

What if there are three persons making a booking and we need to use two rooms instead of one?

In this case the person on there own utilizing a separate room will count as 1 credit per night (as in above charging fee for 1 person on their own) - again this will only be applicable if the establishment is a B&B. If it is a self catering unit booked out as a whole then it does not apply.

How can I keep track of my credit/debit status?

In the page for choosing an establishment click on To access your account details and all other submission forms click "here" then click on "my credit balance".

Please note that members need to be responsible for and keep their own swap form records. Our data base will store forms for up to 3 months after which they peel off the system.

What prevents an unscrupulous person from using my name or establishment in order to get a holiday?

There are stringent security checks made on anyone logging in. You will be given a unique reference number and password for your exclusive use. However the registered person is solely responsible for the security of his/her reference number and agrees to absolve the administrators of any liability of whatsoever in the event of their reference number falling into the hands of and being used by third parties.

Want to know more? You can contact us at the following E-mail address:

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How to register

If you've seen enough and want to participate, go to (click here) "registration", and follow the procedure. Once the form has been processed and the joining fee validated you will be sent an e-mail confirming your membership. This e-mail will also contain your personal, unique reference/registration number which should be kept in a safe place for all future contacts/queries you might make.You will then receive 12days credit with which you can immediately start trading.

Don't forget to first read the membership terms and conditions as laid out in the (click here) Agreement and code of practice that all members must accept and pledge to abide by.

NB if for any reason the registration form is not functioning correctly on your browser you can also use this alternative e-mail address, click on admin ADMIN to manually register and subscribe.

How much is this going to cost?

We have tried to "compare apples with apples" by charging not more than one days takings, for two people sharing, in a middle of the range (3 star) guest house.

Please note that on registration there is an initial joining fee that all new applicants must pay plus a proportionate subscription fee for the months remaining up to June. Thereafter an annual subscription fee payable in June. Go to the joining fees table for quick reference on fees due when joining.

Our fees are structured to encourage you to remain a member and even if you don't trade credits for a couple of years the membership fee is so low that you will make it all up with just one nights swap.

For less than one days takings can anyone not afford to join?