Please note that in order to participate:

1. You need to have a workable web site ( or alternative) with contact details for us to verify the authenticity of your establishment. If you do not have this then please DO NOT register. Your web site or alternative must have a DIRECT link into your home page (there must be no searching for a link, or via other sites)

If you do not have an official web site we offer an acceptable alternative. You need to contact us if interested in this option BEFORE you register, click on admin ADMIN

2. We do not accept applications to join if it is just a room in the house sharing facilities with the owners. The establishment has to be a dedicated area that is run full time in accordance with recognized hospitality standards.

Please print this page for reference and then follow the procedure below.


VERY IMPORTANT when registering please follow this procedure and in order

1. Read the agreement and code of practice - click on code of practice then return to this page (click on "registration procedure" to return to this page)

2. If you haven't done so already check the amount to pay from the joining fee table by clicking on payment fees table return to this page (click on "registration procedure") and proceed through items 3 to 5

3. Make a direct or internet payment into the account number shown below. Please note if you make a cash deposit then a further R17.00 needs to be added to the amount owing to cover banking deposit fees. Do not proceed until this has been attended to otherwise the registration will be rejected.

4. Only after you have made payment click here on this link complete the form and submit.

5. When you click the "submit" button in the registration form you will be directed to a proof of payment form that you MUST complete and submit so that the data base can populate your account details. Complete and submit this form and you are done!

Bank Code 632005
Holder M.B.Kieser
Account Num 9245203408
Joining fee See "joining fees" table for amount to pay
The joining fee is applicable for year June to June