What it is and what it isn't

Businesses throughout the world are battling, or finding it very difficult to survive. Many economists are suggesting that one of the ways we can make ends meet is by going back to the good old "bartering" system.Statistics show that bartering is thriving as a form of commerce. According to recent trade reports there are over 250,000 companies in the United States alone trading over seven billion dollars in goods and services through barter exchanges.

Use what you have and trade with it.This is what Accommodation Swap is all about - it gives YOU the opportunity to barter with what you have.Statistics in the hospitality industry show that for a large section of the year (four to seven months) most establishments have empty rooms.Why not use this down time to your benefit and save on VAT as well.

Please note that Accom Swap is not designed to take care of all your holiday requirements/bookings (especially over the holiday months) it is an addition to that where you can save a huge amount of cash out of season and if you lucky in season as well as many members are prepared to accept bookings right through the year.

This is NOT a "one on one" swap scheme! It is NOT a glorified time share (as you will see you are not purchasing anything apart from paying your annual membership fee). With Accommodation Swap you are able to design your own schedule and utilize the credits as best fits your needs by referring to a "pool" of fellow members with whom you can arrange a swap when and how you choose. It is very simple and hassle free to use. Here is how it works:

A brief outline of how it works:

Please note that in order to participate:

1. You need to have a workable web site ( or alternative) with contact details for us to verify the authenticity of your establishment. If you do not have this then please DO NOT register. Your web site or alternative must have a DIRECT link into your home page (there must be no searching for a link, or via other sites)

If you do not have an official web site we offer an acceptable alternative. You need to contact us if interested in this option BEFORE you register, click on this button email

2. We do not accept applications to join if it is just a room in the house sharing facilities with the owners. The establishment has to be a dedicated area that is run full time in accordance with recognized hospitality standards.

If you meet the above criteria proceed as follows:



  • Register your establishment on our web site (You can access the registration form from the "questions & answers" page)

  • On registration a joining fee shall be applicable. See joining fees table for quick reference

  • An annual subscription fee. Refer to the joining fees table for quick reference

Once your registration and joining fee has been confirmed you will:


  • receive a unique, personal reference number for security, after which you can immediately start trading

  • be credited with twelve (12) free Accommodation Swap credits.

Accommodation Swap credits are valuable and although they are not exchangeable for cash they are worth between R800 and R1800 each in trading value. The 12 free credits is to get you started and from this point onwards you control your number of credits by hosting other members and by being hosted yourself

When you want to go on holiday or get away for a few days you log on to the "Accommodation Swap" web site, click on a local area or Province of your choice and then choose from the establishments listed in the "tables". You can view their web sites and details from there and then make the necessary arrangements for the swap to take place.

After a successful swap negotiation the host notifies Accommodation Swap and their account is credited with the amount of credits used and your account is debited with the corresponding amount of credits (all fully automatic)- no cash exchange.

Its as simple as that! No fuss, no additional "hidden" fees or levies, this is the bottom line.

Additional benefits

Accommodation Swap has been around now since 2003 and is a proven commodity. We were the very first, worldwide, to envisage and launch a product like this for the hospitality trade and our history shows that the product WORKS.

It is an ideal way to show your appreciation to your hard working staff to incentivize them by rewarding them a free week end away. Or perhaps you would like to treat some of your family, or friends.Or perhaps you own other businesses and need to send staff off to attend a conference, or business trip etc You can do ALL THIS without costing you a penny!!

Here are a few statistics:

1. Members have benefited to the tune of over R38,000,000-00 (what they would have had to pay for holidays if they were not members as of May 2019) with some earning well above R500,000-00

2. One member could effectively remain a member, paying their normal years subscription fees and not ever making another booking for 480yrs before they would start making a loss - we're not kidding!!!!

It is virtually impossible to lose, financially, by joining Accom Swap. Another members' comment was: "it's like having money in the bank!"

One of the many side benefits of being an Accom swap member is the networking that takes place between members - particularly amongst our facebook community. Members will recommend the establishments of other members to their paying guests - thus you get a huge amount of free,personal, invaluable advertising which would normally cost a lot when paid for in todays market.

All of this for less than one day's taking a year !!!


Just a word of warning. If you are thinking this will be a wonderful way to get free holidays without getting involved or needing to reciprocate by hosting fellow members think again and MOVE ON. We don't want you on our site. We are looking to build a quality membership where all members are actively involved in both hosting and being hosted. There are mechanisms built in to ferret out the baddies so be warned!

Since 2003 there have been many questions asked by prospective members and we have collated these for your info on our "questions and Answers" page. This is a mandatory, must read, as many of the questions you might have in mind will be answered there and specific items are covered more extensively.

Please go to (click here) questions & answers where you can also access the registration form.