Mike Kieser - founder of Accom Swap.
In 2003 Mike had the foresight to realize the potential for a bartering system in an ever escalating world wide financial crises. Although there were house swap systems in place there was nothing for the hospitality industry and so after much brain storming with family members Accom Swap became a first and was launched.Mike likes to think of the members of Accom Swap as one big family and endeavors to keep that personal touch.Mike does and is responsible for the web site designing and coding and oversees the general management of the business.Mike can be contacted at admin@accommodationswap.com
Helena Kieser - General Manager.
Helena has vast experience in facilitating and leadership orientation training.
Karina Flood - Brand Advocate and Office Manager
Over the ±20 years that Karina has been working in an office environment she has become skilled at a wide range of duties and responsibilities. Her extensive experience includes, but is not limited to:
Office managing, administration, litigation, trust and conveyance secretarial duties, basic creditors & debtors, reception (small & large switchboards), client liaising, advertising, designing and compiling presentations, problem solving, stock control, data capturing, internet marketing, content writing, system implementation, database management, property related administration, computer training as well as various personal assistant and secretarial duties.Karina can be contacted at karina.accomswap@gmail.com
Brad Kieser - IT consultant and service provider.
Brad is resident in the UK. He has a BSc in Computer Science, is a founding member of the UK IETF, a member of the IEEE and a member of numerous Open Source projects .He runs an internet services company and he also owns and runs SMS Speedway, the largest text messaging supplier to the UK property market. Brad has consulted to JP Morgan, Barclays Wealth, Deutsche Bank, Alcatel, Avis Fleet Services (General Electric), Associated Leisure and BT. His companies' clients include Tottenham Hotspurs, Rothschild, Lloyds TSB, the BBC, Andrew Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Group, Nandos, and many other high street and FTSE companies.
Anton Niewoud - National Sales & Marketing Manager.
Anton Nieuwoudt has 29 years experience as a financial adviser, he is also considered to be one of (if not the )father of the modern "gap cover" insurance concept which he was involved with at concept stage.Anton remains as an underwriting manager.

Anton and Kerry were amongst the very first accommodation swap members, and have stayed at many of the venues, and met a number of the owners of the various establishments.

"we are dedicated swappers, and we captured Mikes vision from the outset.... What an inspired concept....( I wish I had thought of it!.). We have had the most warm receptions, and made some really enduring friendships over nearly 20 years of our involvement in the hospitality industry, many through accommodation swap .
I am excited at the prospect of assisting Mike in developing ideas and strategies to further the interests of his membership, and in growing the "Swap family."

Anton and Kerry are the proud owners of the iconic "Inkungu lodge" boutique hotel in the central Drakensberg resort, which attracts more than its fair share of "swappers"

Celeste Beukes - facebook creator and manager.
Celeste is a member of Accommodation Swap, owns and runs Breena B&B in Johannesburg, South Africa.Celeste has had extensive commercial business experience and is very much involved in children's education. She is fully trained in the Montessori home education system. She is married and has three children whom she educates at home.
Ed Jamieson -Overseas Sales Representative.
35 years ago Ed founded East Coast Airways in Durban, a near impossible feat at the time , for many reasons. A very successful 7000 odd flying hour career followed. The blue chip clients of his included Anglo American BHT Billiton , Tongaat, Illovo sugar, and many others. Ed retired to Knysna 6 years ago ,where both he and his wife Pam have been exceptionally happy. Ed is a life member of Skal , 44 continuous years.
Ed doing what he does best at a tourism function promotion with the president of Skal International Garden Route, Niel Else, and retired SAA captain ,Piet Snyman.