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What members are saying

I can highly recommend Accommdation Swap.
I have been a member for about 14 years. Not only has it saved me so much money on accommodation over the years, I have also met some amazing guest house owners who I now call friends.
My children play Provincial/SA badminton and water polo and have had to travel all over SA for tournaments which can be a very costly exercise.Having accommodation credits to use for their accommodation has been a big plus.

I also use my credits to give my staff short holidays. My friends and family have also benefited with the odd swap here and there.
If you are a guest house owner and you are not a member, I truly cannot understand why.You are missing out on great getaway times not to mention the huge amount of cash, in kind, that comes your way.
people do not believe me when I try to explain to them about Accom swap, they always want to know "what is the catch ? ". This is truly the first "Conscious business" I have come across (other than my own, of course !!)We all appreciate you, Mike and team.
Sal - The Loft McGregor
Accommodation Swap is the best system I’ve ever joined. I have holiday club points and at one stage we had normal time share. We even had a house in Marloth Park that we used for family holidays. NONE of them gave me better value for money than Accommodation Swap!
Suzette Niemand
Joining Accommodation Swap was one of the best decisions we have made in our lives.
It has literally saved us more than R180 000 in holiday expenses over the years. Better still, we have been able to meet wonderful people in the same industry. Sharing ideas, learning from others and laughing together, have all been aspects of this incredible system.
Anchorage Inn Guesthouse, Montagu
Become members of Accommodation Swap ASAP!
I have been a member for about 8 years now and have had "free" 3, 4 and 5 star accommodation across South Africa to the value of about R90 000 and have met many very friendly and interesting people in the industry.
Accommodation Swap is well run and there are no catches I promise! It is a genuiune win/win situation for all - you fill empty beds during quiet times and stay at quality accommodation in return - at a minimal cost to join which includes some complimentary nights to get you going, and a very small annual subscription. What a pleasure!
Cape Cottages Mc Gregor
I really want to thank you for this no-nonsense barter system and your efficient maintaining of it! I can only speak of the experience we've had so far with the highest of praise. Our stay has always been excellent, the members are friendly and willing to work with the system. I even got engaged on one of our trips end last year!
Well done to your team and all the owners of this site who make it absolutely worth it!
Amanda de Vos and Martin de Kock

Our footprint in Africa

Over 650 establishments to choose from our footprint

Year on year statistics

Year Total credits spent by all members

Total value of credits spent by all members

*** see explanation

Average value of credits spent per member Highest value of credits spent by a single member since joining Number of members for year
2021 52130-00 R46,527,824-00 R65,624=00 R801,000=00 687
2020 49436 R44,165,928-00 R62,814-00 R763,200-00 661
2019 43026 R38,035,454-00 R58,968-00 R705,034-00 668
2018 39280 R31,398,040-00 R44,918-00 R568,800-00 606
2017 32849 R26,299,000-00 R41,877-00 R409,600-00 566
2016 25142 R20,115,400-00 R33,581-00 R398,240-00 527
2015 19185 R15,348,000-00 R34,637-00 R283,200-00 455
2014 14639 R11,558,100-00 R24,591-00 R220,000-00 427
2013 10373 R8,014,560-00 R19,173-00 R187,200-00 327
2012 5992 R4,025,920-00 R11,840-00 R111,300-00 298
2011 4955 R3,290,580-00 R10,156-00 R83,200-00 279

*** This is what members WOULD have had to spend if paying for their accommodation in a three star B&B

Here is just one of many comments received from a happy Accom Swap member:

Thumbs up for Accommodationswap!
I just want to say once again: Accommodation Swap is the best system I've ever joined. I have holiday club points and at one stage we had normal time share. We even had a house in Marloth Park that we used for family holidays. NONE of them gave me better value for money than Accommodation Swap.
Suzette Niemand

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