Retrieve balances from Data base
send emails annual subs renewal due June
send email 2yrs subs overdue

sending_bulkemails news letters only html

topup credits.php

members detailsforswapform send bulk mail

alternate swap form alternat WC3 script sample new_testing_swap_script_further_rev6.1.1_backup.php
new_swap_form_testing_rv1.1_testing.php swapformstorage.php swap notification testing form latest
credits to add for new membership
upload files to database test if magic quotes enabled on server
test magic quotes.php
php info on data base - show test strip lashes(backlashes).php
max chart exemt subs form
contactus form
contact us form
end of year credit spent whether 0 or 1
link dropdownmenu
dropdown menu1
complaint form date-picker new booking html form